Wild Time Fashion Boho Chic Fashion - Wear What You Like

Wild Time Fashion Boho Chic Fashion - Wear What You Like
Welcome to my blog! This is my 1st one!!
I hope you enjoy it and find it inspirational!

Do you ever get a memory inspired by a smell or something you see? I can smell it in the air and see it on the trees - fall is here!
As I notice the colors changing outside it has inspired me to chat about fall fashion and embracing the color palette to match those beautiful leaves.
Fall is the time for self expression with bolder colors!
Rich bold colors like burgundy, camel, navy, golden turmeric, bold red! The layering look is all purpose for fall as a nip in the air to warm gush of air it’s important to dress for function an comfort.
So the misfit boho girl in me has to show you these beautiful pieces that are unique one of kind dusters! They are great pieces for fall!

Time for long layering cardigans, cable knit sweaters, distressed denim jeans, leggings are always a must!

The dusters are available in jacket dusters are layered with different textures and fabrics. Some can be worn as the entire outfit!
I can’t forget the variety of different boots!

To complete the look it is all about the right accessories! Fedora hats in all shapes, sizes and colors! Oh my!

I love to mix fashion like a cocktail I call it a fusion! Allow that inner wild child to express your unique fashion. Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

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