About Wild Time Fashion

Wild Time Fashion is a collection of fashion that is for the Cottage core, punk, dark academia, gothic, to streetwear! Fashion fusion collection that has something for all walk of life!

Feel free to explore our collection for coven's, ghoul's & misfits! There is something for us all!

Customer feedback has been expressed as eclectic or a unique shopping experience.  We have a huge collection of women’s apparel, fashion to custom jewelry, year around fedora to shade hats, large collection of various belts, and gender neutral accessories!

We strive to be a great online shopping experience for women. Currently, with over 6,000 customers we are launching our website.We are looking forward to you becoming part of our fashionista family! 

We are working on expansion of our business, by growing the website  presentation. Developing our house brand label for seasonal collections.

Our goal is to keep our customer’s experience real ~ personal and enjoyable for your returning visit!

Fashion is unique ~ to the one wearing it!

Lorrie Fairbanks
President Fashionista

Gothic Girl, punk rock girl we have a great collection of women's apparel, accessories, jewelry, and shoes to create your fashion style!

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