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Expression of fashion is independently unique, to the one that wear it!

Wild Time Fashion

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Let's start by introducing myself. I am Lorrie the fashionista of Wild Fashion. Here is the journey how it came to be!I had the opportunity of being an executive of a fortune 500 company for over a decade. I resigned and created my own manufacturing company. After a couple decades I dissolved the manufacturing company to continue my journey!

In 2015, I started developing Wild Time Fashion! Working in fashion allows me the freedom to express myself by selecting product that is timeless with a bit edgy. I hope you enjoy Wild Time Fashion!

Feel Free to take a walk on the wild side with me!

Sincerely Lorrie


There is a timelessness to the boho chic fashion that makes it feel ever fashionable, and versatile enough to always look stylish. It is a stands out alternatives fashion style that is quite well accpeted by the "mainstream" despite representing the vagabond life & rejection of "norms".

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